Structural Repairs

Pictured here is a new concrete footing for the structural repairs. As well we can see the temporary bracing for the floors above as they prepare to be raised

Structural repairs for this log home were long over due

In the mid 17th century this home, located in the Easton area, was acquired by the family. This was shortly after the construction of the home. The central part of the log home had remained intact, however, the homes condition was critical because the many additions to the home were poorly executed. The home had remained with the original family for generations and for that reason and it’s historic value, we wanted to ensure that it would last for generations more.

Making things right…

Trying to keep up with modern advances, alterations to the structure of the home had etched away at its foundation. The homes supports had become compromised. Although the original log section remained strong, much of the additions were failing.

To become level, the first and second floors would need to be raised 8″. This was a major undertaking. Installing a new concrete footing, support post, engineered beams and a steel beam in various areas created proper foundation support. The finishing touch called for installing several reclaimed hand-hewn beams and securing mortise and tenon post. The home had new life with the restructuring completed.

Not all homes need such extensive repair work. However when they do our relationship with a network of experts, engineers, architects and tradespeople provides us with unlimited potential. This gives us the ability to develop and execute the right plan for you and your home.

If you believe that your home is in need of structural repairs, time might be of the essence. Call us today and we will visit the site, make recommendations and begin the process of planning.