Building with Steel

As early as the first century AD humans have been using steel, an alloy created by combining Carbon and Iron. Because of it’s diversity and malleability it is and has been a key component of construction since it’s discovery.

Early colonist used low carbon steel, commonly referred to as wrought iron in everything from hand cut nails, to door hinges, clasp, locks and all varieties of building harware.

Folding in more carbon a Blacksmith would create a stronger steel or “Tool Steel”. This steel provided carpenters with chisels, hammers, tooling for hand planes and all the accessories they needed in order to construct the buildings of the colonial times.

Today Steel is common not only for tools and hardware, but also as a building material and is used for roofing and siding as well as for structural support.

Paired together, Wood and Steel are both beautiful and natural and are a great accent to any building project.