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Remodeling or new construction? How do I make the choice?

When in the market for New Construction Homes it becomes obvious that the options are, well, they’re just poor. Perhaps remodeling is a better solution? Many of today’s new home builders prefer to build similar model homes in an effort to streamline production and increase their bottom line. Form and function suffer greatly to this method of construction due to the fact that the human element doesn’t exist when making budgeting decisions. Designs are based on squeezing dollars out of square footage calculations and extracting greater productivity out of underpaid subcontractors that need to cut every corner in order to pay their workers. If you don’t believe me then just ask around. Don’t get caught in the trap. You know how they say, “All that glitters…”

There is another alternative. The inventory of existing homes on the market is a great place to search if you’re the sort of person who wants a custom home and isn’t interested in a new construction house that has been slapped together in a week’s time. Purchasing a home, remodeling and perhaps adding to the square footage might seem like a little more work, however, your efforts will pay dividends. Your ability to choose the neighborhood, the age and the size of an older home gives you a lot of leverage when negotiating. Remodeling a home today is more affordable than ever and with the variety of financing options available it may be as accessible as buying a new home

We are always glad to help customers identify potential winners and create the home of their dreams. Our initial consultations are always free and there’s never any sales pressure.

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