Log House

Log Homes and our history

As early as the mid 1600’s log homes started to appear in the northeastern colonies. As settlers  from Sweeden and Finland moved into the region, at that time known as New Sweden, they brought with them traditions of log construction. Shortly after their arrival, Welsh settlers adopted the techniques of the Fin’s and Swedes and log construction flourished across the countryside.

Building with logs was an accessible technology for everyone. With basic skills, basic tools and a bit of manpower, a suitable home could be “easily” assembled and a settler could begin to cultivate the land and start their new life in a new world. One home begat two and then three became four and soon these clusters became the towns and cities that we now know.

Hand Hewn beams gave way to hand sawn beams and hand sawn beams gave way to machine sawn beams and eventually conventional machine sawn lumber as we have today became the standard. Working back through time, it is always a great joy to uncover the timeline, to see the changes as they happened when remodeling or rehabilitating an older home. Often times, what is thought to be known and what can be seen from the outside is just the book cover, it’s not until we start to peel away the layers that the whole story is revealed.

As time marched on many of these old log homes became tool sheds, out buildings or were just abandoned. Many survived their neglect, but only due in part by the way that they were built and they were built to last. Today you can find these log homes or log cabins speckled throughout the landscape. Many have yet to be rediscovered however they are hiding in plain sight. They’ve been covered over in wooden clapboards, aluminum and stucco. Some are hidden in corner lots covered by trees and some are still being lived in.

Each one has a history as old as the trees that it was built with. From the hands that crafted the tools that crafted the logs these structures have stories to tell. Stories of a time when people gathered to build communities, raise families, care for one another and survive, in a new world.

Much of the time it’s not known that these old outbuildings on our properties are log homes, however with some investigation it can be determined the age and type of structure that exist.

If you have a log house that needs preservation or repairs, or perhaps you just have some questions, give us a call. One of our greatest pleasures is coming into contact with our history and preserving that history for future generations to enjoy.