Gutter Cleaning

Fall is here and in full swing. Once that last leaf hits the ground you’ll want to check your gutters and make sure that they are clear. A clogged gutter and a freezing rain are a lethal combination. Backed up gutters and ice dams wreak havoc and can cause major damage to the interior and exterior of your home. At the least you can end up with a damaged gutter pulling away from your fascia; at the worst you could be replacing siding, sheathing, sheet rock, insulation and the list can go on.

Several local companies offer gutter guards and gutter caps. These systems keep gutters clear by allowing only rain water into the gutter trough, deflecting leafs and debris. There are also off the shelf versions that you can install on your own.

Checking that your downspouts are clear so that the runoff doesn’t back up is another important step. If downspouts become blocked the deluge of water in a heavy rain is sure to back up and find its way into your home.

Finally, ensure that your splash guards are secure and effectively diverting the storm water to the proper areas. If splash guards are missing the result is poor drainage, heavy erosion and the increased chance of storm water intrusion into your home.

If you’re unsure of the effectiveness of your gutters, downspouts, splash blocks or just have a general question about these things. Please give us a call. We’re always glad to answer a question.