DIY or not?

Home maintenance and repair is so easily  thought of as something that we can all just DIY. Right? Or wrong? DIY might sound easy but then again anybody can paint a room, hang a gutter or cut a piece of trim right? Sure, why not! I’ll tell you why not. Now don’t be offended, I’m just going by experience here. There’s a good chance that you’re going to screw it up! I’m sorry, I know I just hurt your feelings, crushed your pride and have left you in a world of hurt and all because I was being honest. Home maintenance and repair is not something to take lightly. Ok yes, there are some projects that you can do yourself, but please do some homework first. Many times we are asked to perform work that will take us two or three times longer because first, we must remove the DIY’ers version of the repair before conducting the proper repair. Many times these removals create more repair work than the original repair was. Save your energy and your money (and sanity) and call a pro!

So what is a Home maintenance and repair pro? Well, a home maintenance and repair pro or a handyman is someone who not only has a vast array of tools and knowledge but also has the experience to complete projects regardless of the obstacles and difficulties that may arise. A qualified handyman can make your repairs and have it look like it never happened. So what tools then might this person have that you don’t have and that you will probably need to get the project done?  One left handed or one right handed circular saw. You may need a chop saw, radial arm with the ability to perform a dual compound miter. No problem! Ok how ‘bout a 12” mitering chop saw, reciprocating saw, scroll saw, jig saw, plum cut saw, jam saw, dove tail saw, box saw, carpenters saw, Japanese pull saw. Got those? Never know which one you’ll need! Good now let’s get the nails, hand nails, pneumatic nails, finish nails, framing nails, 1”, 2” 3” nails, sinkers, ring shanks, cut nails. Screws? Don’t even get me started! A Home maintenance and repair pro, or handyman is someone who has all of these things and more at his (or her) fingertips and knows what they are for, how and when to use them and when and why not to use them. That is why you shouldn’t always DIY. If you have any questions about a project, need advice or are just plain stuck. Give us a call. We are always happy to answer a question.