Additions & Alterations

An addition or alteration to your home is one of the most effective ways to both increase your living space and increase the equity in your home. With home values rising and square footage offerings decreasing many people these days are looking to stay put and expand. Having an effective plan in place before you get started is critical. Helping our customers navigate through the many aspects of additions and alterations to their homes is something that brings us great joy. There is nothing better than seeing a project grow from concept to reality. Reach out to us today and let us know how we can meet your needs.


Sometimes when in the market for new built homes, it becomes obvious that the options are, well, they’re just poor. Many of today’s builders prefer to build similar model homes in an effort to streamline production and increase their bottom line. Form and function suffer greatly to this method of construction due to the fact the at the end user and the life of the home mean very little when making budget cuts.

The inventory of existing homes on the market is a great place to search if you’re the sort of person who wants a custom home at a reasonable cost. Purchasing a home, refurbishing and perhaps adding to the square footage might be a little more work, however, your efforts will pay dividends. We are always glad to help customers identify potential winners and create the home of their dreams