Our Work

The Cornerstone The diversity in the remodeling projects that W-S-S has undertaken over the years has one common thread. Creative solutions to unconventional problems. As the cornerstone of a structure ties two separate parts of a building together, Wood-Stone-Steel ties old and new, today’s building science and old-world technique, weaving…

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Remodeling Contractor

Why choose Wood.Stone.Steel   An addition to your home is a time consuming and disruptive task. We understand the daily needs of a home and what it takes to coordinate our task so that they have less impact on your daily life. Keeping spaces neat and clean as we work,…

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Wood.Stone.Steel is a Bucks County-based Remodeling Contractor that serves the Greater Lehigh Valley as well as Upper Bucks County. Our passion for developing out of the box solutions for the average homeowner is what has driven our success for nearly 20 years. We understand clients needs, and we love finding…

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